How to configure MUC?

oliver oli oliver.oli at
Fri Oct 27 09:12:53 UTC 2006

Martin Atkins wrote:
> oliver oli wrote:
>  >
>> Stupid question: is there another way to use an external component. 
>> can i configure djabberd for an external component without using 
>> <Subdomain>? Should I create another VHost with a fqdn and setup s2s 
>> delivery between the two vhosts?
> Yes, you could try that approach. As I said in reply to Artur, Subdomain 
> is just a shorthand. If you are going to try two separate vhosts, I'd 
> try the local delivery plugin first before relying on S2S, because S2S 
> will add additional overhead in the communication between your vhosts 
> and will require that your component domain have a resolvable domain 
> name so that the main domain.

i tried it with LocalVhosts, but it makes no difference to the Subdomain
  shorthand. Both configs don't work. I also had no success with S2S

It seems there is some bug in DJabberd::Delivery::LocalVHosts.

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