Martin Atkins mart at
Sat Sep 2 00:14:09 UTC 2006

Martin Atkins wrote:
>> (also, it seems no one is interested in those MySQL things, or the 
>> person in charge is somewhat busy)
> I've been on vacation this past week, but I'm back now and I'll have a 
> look at your patches when I get a chance.

I feel that I should reply again and apologise for the fact that I've 
still not looked at your patches. I've been pretty busy at work since I 
got back from vacation, for various reasons including the general 
backlog of work caused by vacations. I will get around to this eventually.

If other people want to give it a try against their own DJabberd/MySQL 
installs that would be handy, since I (as I think I've mentioned before) 
don't have mySQL installed on the server I do djabberd development, and 
I don't really want to add it as that server's doing enough already.

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