Aleksandar Milanov a at
Sun Sep 3 10:05:59 UTC 2006

Martin Atkins <mart at> wrote:
>Martin Atkins wrote:
>>> (also, it seems no one is interested in those MySQL things, or the 
>>> person in charge is somewhat busy)
>> I've been on vacation this past week, but I'm back now and I'll have a 
>> look at your patches when I get a chance.
>I feel that I should reply again and apologise for the fact that I've 
>still not looked at your patches. I've been pretty busy at work since I 
>got back from vacation, for various reasons including the general 
>backlog of work caused by vacations. I will get around to this eventually.
>If other people want to give it a try against their own DJabberd/MySQL 
>installs that would be handy, since I (as I think I've mentioned before) 
>don't have mySQL installed on the server I do djabberd development, and 
>I don't really want to add it as that server's doing enough already.

I understand. Maybe there aren't enough people working on DJabberd and I don't know what is the real plan set by 6A for it.

Maybe trying to make it more popular (i.e. make the public more familiar with it) is good? Seeing no one answered Paul Querna makes me think that right now DJabberd is really exotic.


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