Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sun Sep 3 18:31:01 UTC 2006

On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, Aleksandar Milanov wrote:

> I understand. Maybe there aren't enough people working on DJabberd and I
> don't know what is the real plan set by 6A for it.
> Maybe trying to make it more popular (i.e. make the public more familiar
> with it) is good? Seeing no one answered Paul Querna makes me think that
> right now DJabberd is really exotic.

Exotic?  Or done.

There hasn't been anything we've needed.  The one big thing remaining is
splitting the SQLite stuff from the core into a different repo, and
putting all the plugins on CPAN separately, and fixing the test framework
to require the SQLite plugins or skipping.

So interest in MySQL patches?  Not really... put them on CPAN yourself?  I
could give you svn access to commit them to the djabberd repo if you want,
but be aware we're going to rearrange the repo when we get around to a

- Brad

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