Martin Atkins mart at
Sun Sep 3 19:17:58 UTC 2006

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
 > So interest in MySQL patches?  Not really... put them on CPAN 
yourself?  I
 > could give you svn access to commit them to the djabberd repo if you 
 > but be aware we're going to rearrange the repo when we get around to a
 > release.

I guess the logical thing to do is to take these latest MySQL plugins 
along with the earlier ones and put them all together in a pack so that 
people who want to use MySQL for everything can just get them all in one go.

Of course, where that pack should go remains to be seen. Probably just 
directly on CPAN is easiest, like you said... then Aleksandar can 
maintain them himself and make releases as appropriate, independent of 
djabberd's release cycle.

Maybe a CPAN package called Bundle-DJabberd-MySQL? I'm not really sure 
what the naming convention is.

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