Aleksandar Milanov a at
Mon Sep 4 11:13:53 UTC 2006

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> There hasn't been anything we've needed.  The one big thing remaining is
> splitting the SQLite stuff from the core into a different repo, and
> putting all the plugins on CPAN separately, and fixing the test framework
> to require the SQLite plugins or skipping.
> So interest in MySQL patches?  Not really... put them on CPAN yourself?  I
> could give you svn access to commit them to the djabberd repo if you want,
> but be aware we're going to rearrange the repo when we get around to a
> release.

That clarifies the things for me. Initially I thought they were going to 
be released together with the core because there was Authen::MySQL in 
the repo. I'll choose some way to release those modules/patches, but 
right now I'm busy as well. (Martin's suggestion seems good.)

Anyway, maybe support for changing user's password (as part of the 
in-band registration) is the missing feature to the core. Any thoughts 
about it?

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