Guillermo Roditi groditi at
Mon Sep 4 14:09:26 UTC 2006

> So interest in MySQL patches?  Not really... put them on CPAN yourself?  I
> could give you svn access to commit them to the djabberd repo if you want,
> but be aware we're going to rearrange the repo when we get around to a
> release.

As someone who as an (albeit very very basic) DJabberd module on CPAN I can
say that that was my first instinct too except that it'd be nice if DJabberd
was in CPAN too so it could just be required as a dep since inevitably all
the cpan tester results mark your extention as broken since nobody has
DJabberd installed. Also, last I checked documentation was a bit sparse. I
dont know if that's changed, but a quick check to my subscription to the
trac timeline feeds doesnt show much in general, let alone anything marked
as Documentation / POD. That being said is actually really good,
but it'd be nice if it was mentioned on the README or something.
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