Parser borrowing not XML-compliant

Mika Raento mikie at
Fri Sep 22 11:16:51 UTC 2006


I've been playing with djabberd as an option for Jaiku (
), and it seems nicely modifiable. I however got a problem as soon as I
connected two different clients: we use our own extensions in Jabber,
with our own namespace which we declare on the stream element.

Now if parsers are borrowed, the parser we get may not have the right

I'm working around this by calling set_config_shareparsers(0). The
'right' way to do it (if you do want to share parsers) is for the
connection's namespace to be dynamic, and based on what the client sends.

So what's up with djabberd anyway? Not much traffic on the list.

	Mika Raento

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