Parser borrowing not XML-compliant

Martin Atkins mart at
Fri Sep 22 17:11:52 UTC 2006

Mika Raento wrote:
> Hi
> I've been playing with djabberd as an option for Jaiku (
> ), and it seems nicely modifiable. I however got a problem as soon as I
> connected two different clients: we use our own extensions in Jabber,
> with our own namespace which we declare on the stream element.
> Now if parsers are borrowed, the parser we get may not have the right
> namespace.

Yikes. That's terrible.

I guess this never got noticed because most clients tend to use the same 
prefixes for the same namespaces, and tend to declare most of their 
namespaces on the individual XMPP "packets" rather than on the entire 

Not entirely sure how this can be solved, though. I'm not sure how the 
parser-sharing works, but I guess what we need to do is track 
per-connection what namespace each prefix maps to, and then make sure 
that when a parser is "borrowed" it's using the right set of prefixes. I 
doubt LibXML would let us screw around with its prefix to namespace 
mappings, though. *shrug*

> So what's up with djabberd anyway? Not much traffic on the list.

It went quiet basically because it seems to now do pretty-much all it 
needs to as far as the core goes, and no-one's got around to tidying it 
up and making a release yet.

However, the above bug is a show-stopper in my opinion as it can't claim 
to be XMPP compliant with such a glaring flaw as that.

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