Problem in receiving chat and User status is not authorized

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Trying to setup djabberd server, create users for this server, configure the
XMPP clients for the custom djabberd server, login using the created users
and do a simple chat between the created users.

*Server Side:*

 I have djabberd server running in centOS 4.5/Ubuntu Fiesty.

*Client Side:*

Install pidgin and add an account.

a.       Select the protocol as XMPP, enter a username that was created in
the server, domain name provided in the server.

b.      Configure the XMPP options for "Required SL/TLS", add the connection
port and connection server.

c.       Configure the proxy options for "No Proxy"

Create two accounts using the pidgin and login for the created accounts.

*  Issues Faced:*

       I am able to login with the users created. The problem which am
facing is

a.                   a.  Users are not able to receive the chat messages
sent from one user. There are no errors while sending the message, but the
other user does not receive the message sent by one user.
      b.      When a user is added as buddy, the newly added user is shown
as "Not Authorized". The request is not received by the other user who was
invited as well.

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