Problem in receiving chat and User status is not authorized

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Some more updates from my side. I enabled debug mode and am running the

 1. If i send a message as an user, the message is sent from client to
server. I confirmed by looking at the debug statements. But the message is
not delivered to other clients.
2. Similarly, If i change my status from available to away, the changes are
available to server but not delivered to other clients.


On Dec 8, 2007 1:36 PM, Rajesh Dharmalingam <rajesh.dharmalingam at>

> *
> *
> *Objective:*
> Trying to setup djabberd server, create users for this server, configure
> the XMPP clients for the custom djabberd server, login using the created
> users and do a simple chat between the created users.
> *Server Side:*
>  I have djabberd server running in centOS 4.5/Ubuntu Fiesty.
> *Client Side:*
> Install pidgin and add an account.
> a.        Select the protocol as XMPP, enter a username that was created
> in the server, domain name provided in the server.
> b.       Configure the XMPP options for "Required SL/TLS", add the
> connection port and connection server.
> c.        Configure the proxy options for "No Proxy"
> Create two accounts using the pidgin and login for the created accounts.
> *  Issues Faced:*
>        I am able to login with the users created. The problem which am
> facing is
> a.                    a.  Users are not able to receive the chat messages
> sent from one user. There are no errors while sending the message, but the
> other user does not receive the message sent by one user.
>       b.       When a user is added as buddy, the newly added user is
> shown as "Not Authorized". The request is not received by the other user who
> was invited as well.
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"Stick to our roots and not to forget where we come from"
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