Problem in receiving chat and User status is not authorized

Edward Rudd erudd at
Mon Dec 10 18:42:09 UTC 2007

Rajesh Dharmalingam wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the updates. Yes. I added the others presence. The following
> are the detailed steps that am doing from client (Windows /Linux pidgin):

> Adding the user as buddy:
>    By "Add Buddy", i am adding the other user. After selecting the
> proper account, i am giving the screen name as the user whom we want to
> add (he is online as well). I discarded the alias and group.

By Discarded the alias and group, do you mean you left them empty?? You
may need to set the group name to something.

> Once I added the other user as buddy, i see his status as offline
> (though he is online). When I try to send a message to other user, the
> message is sent but the receiver is not getting the message. I confirmed
> the message sent reaches server.

That means the subscriptiong didn't work right.  Can you provide a dump
of your roster database?
  sqlite3 roster.sqlite .dump

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