Queue messages for offline users

Adrian Ulrich slack at blinkenlights.ch
Sat Jan 27 20:56:43 UTC 2007

> LiveJournal has plans to do offline messaging soon, so I should be looking
> into the problem of where to hook in shortly.  Seems like just another
> delivery plugin at the end of the chain?

Yes :-)

> No.  That's bad.  Do you know what servers they run? 

http://web.jabber.ccc.de/ -> Posting from 27. Nov: jabberd 1.6-beta2
http://web.swissjabber.ch/index.php/Technik : jabberd 1.6.0

DEBUG DJabberd.Queue.ServerOut                 Resolver callback for 'jabber.ccc.de': [DJabberd::IPEndPoint=HASH(0x10bf7848)] 
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue                           Starting connection 
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerOut            New connection '7' from <undef> 
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerOut            Connecting to '' for 'jabber.ccc.de' 
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue                           Set connection for queue to 'jabber.ccc.de' to connection '7' 
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerOut            We got a stream back from connection 7!
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerOut            Connection 7 supports dialback 
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerOut            7 sending '<stream:features></stream:features>' 
INFO  DJabberd.DialbackParams                  Generating diablack result for vhost blinkenlights.ch 
DEBUG DJabberd.DialbackParams                  Generated dialback result 'i-9bb582e43f6db7cbdd3db53dbcb563de94d79726' using secret(of handle 'i')='0.3187658663227780.3481114703666570.7008494311422380.5356434804765830.9845127233427320.1509901362167450.1199602608007590.9494122602345560.436136260011850.9185191069996070.923739215679340.7195099631506460.1677459384073070.40725733392760.4780125336992640.3486662649755950.4588888045878290.2691023992735180.5159152245434130.179635859720495', params='1a1fe77dacbf7e252b441ce9895571cc517df6e2|jabber.ccc.de|blinkenlights.ch' 
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerOut            7 sending res 'i-9bb582e43f6db7cbdd3db53dbcb563de94d79726' 
Unknown/handled stanza: {http://etherx.jabber.org/streams}error on connection (7), DJabberd::Connection::ServerOut
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue                           connection error for queue 
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue                             .. match 
ERROR DJabberd.Queue.ServerOut                 Connection error while connecting to jabber.ccc.de, giving up 
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerOut            DISCONNECT: 7


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