Expose Multiple Resources

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Wed Jul 25 06:31:45 UTC 2007

Jason Salaz wrote:
>> I have coded up a fix. The change is that whenever the server does a
>> presence broadcast to everyone on the roster it also sends the same
>> presence stanza to all of the user's other resources.
>> However, this has caused DJabberd to no longer pass the "two-resources"
>> tests. I'll be checking the fix in once I've figured out why the tests
>> are now failing.
> What are the details of this "two-resources" test? What is expected,
> what is the result?

After I posted this message, I realised that of course I'd simply broken 
the sequence of events the test was expecting. Amongst other things, 
this test looks for presence announcements being correctly delivered to 
multiple resources, but now the two resources see each other's presence 
first and so this has knocked the rest of the tests out of step.

There's also another strange thing happening regarding the presence 
broadcasts which I need to figure out before I can commit.

Unfortunately I ran out of time yesterday, but hopefully I can finish it 
off this evening. I can't say when the fix will make it onto LJ talk, 

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