djabberd talking to ActiveMQ?

Yann Kerhervé yann at
Sat Mar 10 02:18:18 UTC 2007

On Mar 9, 2007, at 18:01 , Paul Lindner wrote:

Hi Paul!

> I believe this will make my life easier since I can use the current
> Async xmpp code in djabberd to talk to ActiveMQ.
> Anyone else working with these toolsets?

We tried ActiveMQ lately on Perl land with mixed feelings. Basically,  
we dropped ActiveMQ out of the picture in one of our project. Your  
man is probably Simon Wistow, since he seems to know a lot (more than  
you probably want to) about what is working - or not, depending on  
the protocol, whether it's perl->java, java->perl, perl->perl, and  
the durability attribute...


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