djabberd talking to ActiveMQ?

Pedro Melo melo at
Sat Mar 10 09:07:04 UTC 2007


On Mar 10, 2007, at 2:01 AM, Paul Lindner wrote:

> I'm staring to build an infrastructure to connect together a Java
> Resin based application with djabberd.
> Instead of Gearman, I was toying with the idea of pushing async events
> into ActiveMQ and processing responses with callbacks from another
> queue.
> Then I came across this:
> I believe this will make my life easier since I can use the current
> Async xmpp code in djabberd to talk to ActiveMQ.
> Anyone else working with these toolsets?  Is this a crazy idea?

Not a crazy idea at all. We use it extensibly at SAPO. One example:  
we push all presence changes of our SAPO XMPP server into a topic, so  
that the entire portal can react to presence changes of our clients.

We don't use activemq though. We use Mantaray plus some add-ons. See for all the details.

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