component::external configuration?

Edward Rudd erudd at
Mon May 14 21:23:56 UTC 2007

I am trying to use the DJabberd::Component::External to have
mu-conference (0.6.0 w/ JCR 0.2.4) connect into DJabberd.

I have tried all sorts of ways of configuring djabberd to get this
working but it never seems to work correctly.

Here is the current setup.
<VHost muc.mydomain>
    <Plugin DJabberd::Component::External>
      Secret Conferencing

and I have muc configured to connect to 5290 using the same secret.
I run djabberd, then I run mu-conference and djabberd has this in the log

INFO  DJabberd.VHost                           Adding plugin:
DEBUG DJabberd.Component                       Component
DJabberd::Component::External=HASH(0x20b6130) will serve domain
INFO  DJabberd.Component.External              Started listener for
component muc.mydomain on TCP socket <>

after mu-conference starts up

DEBUG DJabberd.Component.External              Accepting connection from
component muc.mydomain
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ComponentIn          Making a
DJabberd::Connection::ComponentIn for fd 13
INFO  DJabberd.Component.External              Shutting down listener
for component muc.mydomain

Wireshark shows that MU-conference sends
<?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream
xmlns='jabber:component:accept' to='muc.mydomain' from='muc.mydomain'>

And nothing comes back from djabberd.
When I try to have a client join a chat I get no traffic between
djabberd and mu-conference and I get this in the djabberd log

DEBUG DJabberd.Delivery.S2S                    s2s delivery attempt for
test at muc.mydomain/erudd
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue                           Queuing stanza
(DJabberd::Presence=ARRAY(0x22d5310)) for
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue                             .. starting to connect to
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue.ServerOut                 Starting connection to
domain 'muc.mydomain'
DEBUG DJabberd.DNS                             pkt =
DEBUG DJabberd.DNS                             sock =
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue                             .. pushing queue item.
DEBUG DJabberd.DNS                             DNS socket
IO::Socket::INET=GLOB(0x22ca6d0) became readable for 'srv'
DEBUG DJabberd.DNS                             DNS socket
IO::Socket::INET=GLOB(0x22ca6d0) for 'srv' found stuff, now doing
hostname lookup
 on urkle.mydomain
DEBUG DJabberd.DNS                             DNS socket
IO::Socket::INET=GLOB(0x158aa80) became readable for 'a'
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue.ServerOut                 Resolver callback for
'muc.mydomain': [DJabberd::IPEndPoint=HASH(0x158ac40)]
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue                           Starting connection
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerOut            New connection '2' from
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerOut            Connecting to
'' for 'muc.mydomain'
DEBUG DJabberd.Queue                           Set connection for queue
to 'muc.mydomain' to connection '2'
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerIn             New connection '3' from

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