greetings, questions, etc. (muc, offline, ...)

Kaolin Fire kaolin at
Thu Nov 8 05:40:02 UTC 2007

Greetings.  Hello.  Thank you for this nifty codebase :)

I spent most of today minimally integrating djabberd into -- user auth and basic chat seem to work, though with a
self-signed cert, Psi seems to whine every time I log on.  I started
with the CPAN installation, read half the threads on this mailing list
(most of which make more sense now that I've done some struggling with
various random things), and am kind of wondering what the current state
of everything is... and to an extent where I might be of some limited help.

Brad asked... a year ago?  What sort of things the userbase considered
priorities.  One of my goals in doing this integration was to get a
chatroom up on the website that wasn't just php-based, so MUC would be
lovely.  I'm sorely tempted to fake it with a bot ;)

Offline messages would be lovely, too.

And integrating profiles... I see LJTalk has it, but mostly I'm lost
trying to navigate the codebase, I think.  It took me a long while to
find a sample jabber.conf.  And the sample one I found was using plugins
that weren't part of the codebase I downloaded (like
RosterStorage::SQLite).  And I couldn't get any messages from user to
user until I got that inserted proper-like (just commenting it out
seemed fine at first, except for that ;) ).  And I nabbed some version
of Authen::MySQL from this mailing list, then hacked at it until
complaints about dropping db connections went away (It's been a long
time since I played with perl, so I brute-forced the solution by making
it request a new connection each time... I've got a small userbase,
there won't be too many logins)

Part of my wondering is if I should just get off the CPAN version, and
jump to some non-trunk svn revision, or... ?

And I'd be happy to try to put together a little "getting started"
documentation to drop in somewhere if there is none (outside of a few
posts here and there such as:



And the "obvious" resources such as:


To wrap this up, then... does someone have better docs than the above?
And can someone point me at where to look for MUC, offline messages,
profiles?  Just sort of a "how to get around"?

jabber: kaolin at
jabber: nentwined at

The livejournal one is probably more stable just now. ;)

Thanks. :)

Nice to meet you!

-kaolin imago fire


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