greetings, questions, etc. (muc, offline, ...)

Martin Atkins mart at
Sat Nov 17 19:07:13 UTC 2007

Kaolin Fire wrote:
> Brad asked... a year ago?  What sort of things the userbase considered
> priorities.  One of my goals in doing this integration was to get a
> chatroom up on the website that wasn't just php-based, so MUC would be
> lovely.  I'm sorely tempted to fake it with a bot ;)

The MUC implementation for DJabberd right now is quite minimal, but I 
think people on this mailing list have mentioned making use of it 
recently. Patches to improve on this are welcome.

> Offline messages would be lovely, too.

I believe that the plugin module DJabberd::Delivery::OfflineStorage 
provides this functionality, though I haven't tried it. It was developed 
by Piers Harding and is available in CPAN.

> And integrating profiles... I see LJTalk has it, but mostly I'm lost
> trying to navigate the codebase, I think.

LJTalk is implementing this using another Six Apart technology called 
Gearman, which allows asynchronous calls to functions running in 
external worker processes. LiveJournal uses this for many other things 
internally, so making DJabberd talk to Gearman was a relatively easy way 
to achieve integration.

Edward Rudd's DJabberd::Plugin::VCard::LDAP (also in CPAN) is probably a 
simpler example of building VCards from data aquired from an external 
system. It depends on DJabberd::Plugin::VCard, which sadly does not 
appear to be in CPAN right now but is available from the subversion 

> Part of my wondering is if I should just get off the CPAN version, and
> jump to some non-trunk svn revision, or... ?

I believe the trunk is stable as of this writing (r15833) if you'd like 
to use it.

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