SQLite roster storage DB Locks

Edward Rudd erudd at netfor.com
Wed Nov 28 20:31:01 UTC 2007

I'm having continual issues where the sqlite DB keeps getting in a
deadlock and I have to restart DJabber to release the locks.

I'm using the DJabberd::RosterStorage::SQLite::Fixed (created by me)
which uses the core DJabberd::RosterStorage::SQLite. (my plugin ONLY
does reads on separate tables to pre-populate newly logged in users in
memory roster, ie.. it doesn't update the man plugins tables at all)

Any ideas why the DB would be locking up??  Is this an issue with SQLite
or with the main RosterStorage::SQLite module which doesn't handle reads
and writes correctly?  I only have 40 users on the system.
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