MUC Plugin Patch

Jeremy Lawler jeremylawler at
Wed Nov 28 21:15:00 UTC 2007

This is a collection of fixes to MUC I've been making over the last
month or 2.  Included are:
- The ability to message only certain people in the chat
- Properly removing someone from a room when their connection is
terminating (so that jid isn't just occupied)
- Fixed a strange case-sensitivity issue
- We save the topic of a room so when people enter the room, it is sent to =

I also pulled "status codes" into a variable.  I'm in the process of
cleaning up a patch which will log chats (and I need to be able to
return status code 170 for that).

I'm going to commit this later today, but I basically wanted to know
if anyone saw any glaring problems with this patch.
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