DJabberd::Plugin::Balancer (Was: Re: XMPP Perlbal-like implementation)

Daniel Ruoso daniel at
Wed Apr 9 19:28:03 UTC 2008

Qua, 2008-04-09 às 17:54 +0100, Daniel Ruoso escreveu:
> Qua, 2008-04-09 às 15:04 +0100, Daniel Ruoso escreveu:
> > The idea is pretty simple, the component registers itself in some
> > server, and accepts connection from clients, allowing a JID to
> connect
> > more than once, and then dispatch the incoming messages to the
> clients
> > grouped by the jid, doing a job very similar to the one done by
> perlbal.
> After some more code browsing, I think I found out where to implement
> that feature, it seems that I just have to create a VHost subclass
> that
> overrides register_jid, find_jid and unregister_jid.
> I can do a simple trick of registering the jid with a postfix of, for
> instance, '#'.$sock, and keep a HoA with the full jid and all
> connections for that jid. In find_jid it's then just a matter of
> choosing which $sock to return.

I've just saw that the server might actually reply a different JID than
the user had requested. That way, the client will actually have a JID
with the sufix, but the server will keep track of which clients tried to
connect to the original resource and load balance based on that.


I'll be implementing DJabberd::Plugin::Balancer that will re-bless the
vhost with a subclass that takes care of that.

BTW... for the moment, the load balancing will be round-robin. While the
Perlbal concept of delivering to whatever backend is available is cool,
this is not possible for XMPP because the backend job is asynchronous.


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