DJabberd::Plugin::Balancer uploaded to CPAN

Daniel Ruoso daniel at
Thu Apr 10 22:26:27 UTC 2008

Qua, 2008-04-09 às 20:28 +0100, Daniel Ruoso escreveu:
> I'll be implementing DJabberd::Plugin::Balancer that will re-bless the
> vhost with a subclass that takes care of that.


I've just uploaded DJabberd::Plugin::Balancer to CPAN it implements a
simple load balancer for a DJabberd vhost.

>From the documentation:

  Every time a client binds to a resource, this plugin will record that
  trial and return a different resource, including a sufix in the #999
  format. The original JID will be saved as a load balancing endpoint.
  Other clients then can try to bind to the same resource, and will also
  be assigned different JIDs, but all that will be recorded.

  When a message arrives for the load-balancing-endpoint JID, it will be
  dispatched randomly through all the clients that tried to bind to that

Happy hacking,


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