Subscribing to an LJ Talk roster from another server

Michael Rogers mrogers at
Thu Dec 11 01:13:52 UTC 2008

Martin Atkins wrote:
> I have a few non-LJ accounts on my LJ roster, though I added them so 
> long ago I can't tell you how I did it.
> Note that you can view the source for the plugins that provide the LJ 
> Talk integration into DJabberd:
> This file is particularly interesting:
> I notice that it does some mangling of presence stanzas, so perhaps it's 
> mangling the subscribe/subscribed stanzas and preventing them from 
> getting transmitted.


Thanks very much for the reply. It looks like hook_alter_presence is 
only called for available/unavailable presence stanzas, so it's not 
directly mangling the subscribe/subscribed stanzas. However, while 
playing around with hook_alter_presence I discovered that 
subscribe/subscribed stanzas will be dropped if the destination isn't 
marked as available.

I suspect that's the cause of the problem I've been seeing: users on 
other servers aren't locally marked as available, so djabberd drops 
subscribe/subscribed stanzas addressed to them. If so, the problem can 
hopefully be fixed if Presence overrides Stanza's 
deliver_when_unavailable method to return 1.


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