Subscribing to an LJ Talk roster from another server

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Dec 10 02:01:45 UTC 2008

Michael Rogers wrote:
> I'm not sure if this is a djabberd issue or a livejournal-specific 
> issue, so I apologise if this is the wrong list.
> I've been having trouble subscribing to a livejournal account's presence 
> from a non-livejournal account or vice versa, although it's possible for 
> two livejournal accounts or two non-livejournal accounts to subscribe to 
> each other's presences (I've tested every combination of 
>, and
> As far as I understand it the message flow should look like this:
> A -> B: subscribe  (A asks to subscribe to B's presence)
> A <- B: subscribed (B allows the request)
> A <- B: subscribe  (B asks to subscribe to A's presence)
> A -> B: subscrubed (A allows the request)
> With two livejournal accounts or two non-livejournal accounts that's 
> exactly what I see, and the accounts can subsequently chat with each 
> other. But with one livejournal account and one non-livejournal account, 
> the 'subscribe' and 'subscribed' messages are leaving the livejournal 
> client but never reaching the non-livejournal client.
> I see the same behaviour regardless of whether the clients use Pidgin or 
> the Smack library, and all combinations of non-livejournal accounts are 
> working, so I think it's a livejournal server issue - is djabberd 
> blocking outgoing subscribe/subscribed messages for some reason?

I have a few non-LJ accounts on my LJ roster, though I added them so 
long ago I can't tell you how I did it.

Note that you can view the source for the plugins that provide the LJ 
Talk integration into DJabberd:

This file is particularly interesting:

I notice that it does some mangling of presence stanzas, so perhaps it's 
mangling the subscribe/subscribed stanzas and preventing them from 
getting transmitted.

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