DJabberd and Perl 5.10

Michael Scherer misc at
Sat Jun 21 21:00:08 UTC 2008

Le 21 juin 08 à 22:46, Jacob Burkhart a écrit :

> I seem to remember some comments in the code saying something like  
> "This will break with perl 5.10"... might want to search the code  
> base for things like that.
> On Sat, Jun 21, 2008 at 4:29 PM, Daniel Ruoso <daniel at>  
> wrote:
> Hello,
> Today I had an unfortunate discovery. DJabberd seems to fail on Perl
> 5.10. At first, I couldn't really figure out what the problem is, so,
> before I dig into the code, did anyone solved that problem already? is
> there an unreleased version that works with Perl 5.10?
> daniel

in, method downbless all tests fails.

I do not understand what the code does.

Michael Scherer

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