DJabberd and Perl 5.10

Daniel Ruoso daniel at
Sat Jun 21 21:27:30 UTC 2008

Sáb, 2008-06-21 às 16:46 -0400, Jacob Burkhart escreveu:
> I seem to remember some comments in the code saying something like
> "This will break with perl 5.10"... might want to search the code base
> for things like that.

Ok, the problem is in a hackish break of OO encapsulation in XMLElement
and Stanza. The downbless method is not compatible with OO implemented
by "fields". The solution to that was to remove "fields" support in
XMLElement and Stanza, this seems to solve the problems, all tests pass

The correct fix would be to correctly replace 'downbless' by a proper OO
implementation of what it does (which I'm not sure I understood).


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