DJabberd and Perl 5.10

Michael Scherer misc at
Sat Jun 21 22:13:19 UTC 2008

Le 21 juin 08 à 23:27, Daniel Ruoso a écrit :

> Sáb, 2008-06-21 às 16:46 -0400, Jacob Burkhart escreveu:
>> I seem to remember some comments in the code saying something like
>> "This will break with perl 5.10"... might want to search the code  
>> base
>> for things like that.
> Ok, the problem is in a hackish break of OO encapsulation in  
> XMLElement
> and Stanza. The downbless method is not compatible with OO implemented
> by "fields". The solution to that was to remove "fields" support in
> XMLElement and Stanza, this seems to solve the problems, all tests  
> pass
> then.

Do you have a patch ?
Michael Scherer

Michael Scherer

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