Some questions

Tamas jalsot at
Wed Nov 19 09:23:23 UTC 2008


Right I found Djabberd and seems very promising. I use ejabberd at the
moment but I have faced to some difficulties and would like to ask
whether djabberd is better on that part or not.

I use several virtual hosts on the jabber proxy and there is a need to
add new vhosts dynamically without interrupting the communication - thus
without restarting the daemon process. Unfortunately ejabberd cannot add
new virtualhosts on the fly. Can djabberd do this?

Sometimes subscribers share they credential details (they shouldn't but,
you know...) and over-registrate each other somethimes which makes
troubles. I would like to block the 2nd and further registration
attempts in favor of the 1st subscriber. Is it doable with djabberd?

ejabberd has some clustering features - which I don't use at the 
moment. Does djabberd support something in the HA field?

Thank you in advance,

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