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Tamas jalsot at
Wed Nov 19 17:54:16 UTC 2008


Thans for the fast response.

Martin Atkins írta:
> Tamas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Right I found Djabberd and seems very promising. I use ejabberd at the
>> moment but I have faced to some difficulties and would like to ask
>> whether djabberd is better on that part or not.
>> #1
>> I use several virtual hosts on the jabber proxy and there is a need to
>> add new vhosts dynamically without interrupting the communication - thus
>> without restarting the daemon process. Unfortunately ejabberd cannot add
>> new virtualhosts on the fly. Can djabberd do this?
> The server as it comes does not have any way to do this, but
> internally the API supports it so it may be possible to add this
> ability with a plugin. I don't think it's possible to *remove* vhosts
> dynamically, however.
Is there any documentation I can start with? Unfortunately I didn't find
much on web page, neither in svn. The code might help but I'm not
experienced in Perl (yet).
I think removing vhosts won't be crucial, just adding.
>> #2
>> Sometimes subscribers share they credential details (they shouldn't but,
>> you know...) and over-registrate each other somethimes which makes
>> troubles. I would like to block the 2nd and further registration
>> attempts in favor of the 1st subscriber. Is it doable with djabberd?
> I'm not sure what your requirement is here, I'm afraid. However,
> in-band registration and de-registration is something we expose in the
> plugin API so you can make a plugin that controls this using any logic
> you wish.
Ah, I see the source of confusion, my fault. Previously I meant under
'registration' login. So...
SubscriberA logs in with credentials A to the proxy. SubscriberB logs in
with the same credentials A to the proxy (this should not happen as
subscribers might not share these details, but unfortunately it happens
in the real life). SubsriberB this beats out SubcsriberA. What I want to
achieve is to not allow this so the login request of SubscriberB should
be rejected. I have some open questions with this behavior, thus what if
SubscriberA's internet access has been dropped (dynamic ADSL), how could
he login again.
>> #3
>> ejabberd has some clustering features - which I don't use at the
>> moment. Does djabberd support something in the HA field?
> There is currently no clustering support in DJabberd, unfortunately.
> This was planned but not actually implemented. There is some code in
> the repository that implements parts of this, but as far as I'm aware
> it's not complete enough to use.

Thanks in advance,

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