not-authorized error during dialback authentication with

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at
Sun Feb 1 03:03:50 UTC 2009

Piers Harding wrote:
> Do you know what the google server is?  Is it OpenFire (I don't know -
> probably not as it is unlikely to cope with what they do - or maybe it
> does?).

The wrote their own implementation. That's the beauty of open standards. :)

> I made the proposal to garner response from the list - no one responded.
> Maybe you could start by commenting on what serves you know don't
> require the change, in an effort to try issolating the problem.
> For instance - EJabberd doesn't appear to give any trouble.

FYI, if you send email to xmpp at about interop issues you'll
typically receive a friendly reply from someone on the Google Talk team.
At least that's been my experience.


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