not-authorized error during dialback authentication with

Pedro Melo melo at
Sun Feb 8 15:54:48 UTC 2009


On Feb 8, 2009, at 10:15 AM, Christian Huldt wrote:

> I would guess that the servers not working with the code require
> something special there, i.e. none existing <stream:features> does not
> say anything, while empty <stream:features> say there is absolutely
> nothing there...
> Like the zlib example at
> compared to the statement that zlib compression is required at
> (OK I'm not sure what I am talking about as I'm not that well versed  
> in

The problem here is a bit different.

The correct initial <stream:stream> for the old Jabber protocol is  
just this:


Notice that it lacks version='1.0'.

If you send this, GTalk will not send you <features>, and you can  
follow with the flow described in 3920, section 8.

But during the 3920bis process, the dialback section was removed and  
published as XEP-0220. If you look at that spec, you will see that it  
now uses a complete XMPP <stream:stream> with the proper version='1.0'.

In that case the receiving server will send back a <features> with the  
dialback namespace.

The proper response is not to your own features, but to proceed to the  
dialback process.

So the code should be disabled.

Best regards,

> Brad Fitzpatrick skrev:
>> Let's complete this table, then we can change the code:
>> Email me (privately if you'd like) your Google account email address
>> (which might be a <> address) and
>> I'll give you edit access to that site.
>> On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 5:44 PM, Piers Harding <piers at
>> <mailto:piers at>> wrote:
>>   Do you know what the google server is?  Is it OpenFire (I don't  
>> know -
>>   probably not as it is unlikely to cope with what they do - or  
>> maybe it
>>   does?).

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