DJabberd MUC

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Jun 10 00:12:29 UTC 2009

Gavin Mogan wrote:
> I've tried both:
>   <Subdomain conference>
>       <Plugin DJabberd::Component::External>
>           ListenPort 5290
>           Secret mysecretpass
>         </Plugin>
>   </Subdomain>
> and even tried throwing in:
> <Plugin DJabberd::Delivery::LocalVHosts>
>   AllowVHost conference.domain.tld
> </Plugin>
> None of which seems to allow this service to show up in the service
> discovery in either miranda or psi (nor does mu-conference seem to get
> any data sent from the clients)
> Is anyone successfully using mu-conference and can share how they get
> it to work?

There is a separate command to add things to the discovery list. I agree 
that ideally we'd have an API to allow components to register their own 
disco entries, but that requires inter-vhost communication which is 
non-trivial with DJabberd as it's structured today.

For now, adding the following to the vhost that contains your subdomain 
should do the trick:

That provides the glue in to allow clients to find the 
discovery information provided by

I've never tried this with muconference, but I've seen it work with 
PyMSNt and friends doing disco with Psi. I've never tried it in Miranda.

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