PATCH: Proper namespaces handling in DJabberd

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Jun 10 18:59:12 UTC 2009

Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using DJabberd to implement SOAP+XMPP in a system I developed (which 
> is going to be published as GPL in less then a month). However, 
> currently DJabberd is completely ignoring namespaces inside the 
> stanzas... in fact, it is actually simply dropping the namespaces from 
> the transported messages.
> This wasn't really a problem before, but with the latest versions of 
> XML::Compile::SOAP, it does a more strict checking of the XML document 
> and, well, XML without namespaces is just broken...
> So, follows a patch that implements the proper handling of namespaces in 
> DJabberd. All tests pass with the patch as well.
> daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the patch. It does seem like this is a problem we should address.

Would you mind providing more information about the bug, such as what 
you were trying to send, what you expected to happen and what actually 
happened? Currently it's not clear to me how I might review/test this patch.

It'd be cool also to have some new tests to verify the correct behavior 
so that we can avoid regressions in this area in future -- I assume, 
given that this hasn't been noticed before, that our tests are currently 


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