DJabberd 0.85_01 developer preview release uploaded to CPAN

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Oct 14 10:24:57 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I've just uploaded a developer release 0.85_01 to CPAN. This was made
from my djabberd repository on github:

This includes a number of changes, most notably Alex Vandiver's JID case
sensitivity patch (which will break back-compat if you have
non-normalized JIDs in a stored roster, but a flag is provided to turn
it off) and Yann Kerhervé's SASL auth support... though this will only
be operable if you install the optional dependency Authen::SASL.

The case-insensitivity patch introduces a new mandatory dependency on
Unicode::Stringprep, which implements the case folding scheme that is
required by the XMPP specification.

I encourage users of DJabberd to try this developer release with their
running configurations and report any issues they encounter. I've done
some basic testing using a simple DJabberd setup, and the tests still
run, but actual deployments are often more complicated so I'd like to
get some better real-world testing coverage before making this a real


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