Net_Gearman 0.0.4

Joe Stump joe at
Tue Nov 13 01:34:28 UTC 2007

Lots of updates here. Definitely a required upgrade for anyone foolish  
enough to be using it! :)

* I've verified that uniq is working properly. The only problem I've  
gotten is attempting to run the same job 10 times from the same  
process. I did fix a bug with how uniq was being handled.
* Added a timeout for connection attempts. Net_Gearman_Connection now  
attempts to connect for one full second before failing. You can change  
this by altering the $timeout value.
* Added a timeout option to Net_Gearman_Client that is passed onto  
* Changed the way Net_Gearman_Client connects to Gearman servers. A  
fairly major shift in how I figure out which server to connect to and  
how I handle it when I can't connect to any Gearman servers.
* Fixed a serious bug where Net_Gearman_Client would disconnect from  
the Gearman server after the first set was ran. (Whoops)

As always email me if you have any problems, patches or comments.


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