Size limit for tasks?

Paul Goracke paul at
Mon Apr 21 16:50:27 UTC 2008

On Apr 21, 2008, at 9:33 AM, Joe Stump wrote:

> On Apr 21, 2008, at 8:39 AM, Paul Goracke wrote:
>> Is there a known size limitation for submitted tasks? I'm running  
>> into problems with tasks failing if they exceed a certain size. To  
>> make matters more frustrating, the size doesn't seem to be a  
>> constant: At first it seemed to be the magic 64k, but that number  
>> has varied as I've been testing. One of the strange aspects of this  
>> is that I'm only sending out data I have received from other  
>> workers--so Gearman is handling apparently arbitrarily-sized task  
>> results, but not task params.
> Paul,
> When you say "failing" do you mean a hard fail or that they fail  
> when things are unserialized?

It's a hard fail. do_task() returns undef; running in a taskset will  
call a on_retry handler the appropriate number of times, then on_fail.

> With my PHP client/worker code I was running into UTF8 problems when  
> using strlen() (which isn't unicode aware). If your results can be  
> in UTF8 and the Perl code isn't accounting for that then things  
> could be blowing up for that reason. Again, this was a PHP-only  
> problem I ran into ...

That was one of my initial suspects; the "real product" is dealing in  
UTF8 strings within Perl objects serialized via Storable's nfreeze()  
for task submission. (The length() call in Perl is unicode-aware, but  
is not used in my product, just these test scripts.) But the test I  
attached still fails just by creating a string of 'x' characters yet  
properly handles the same characters in a shorter string, so I have  
ruled it out--at least for this issue.

Very preliminary debugging on the server side seems to indicate the  
server _is_ getting all of the task but then for some reason is being  
failed off the job queue--I have never seen it reach the worker.  
Curiouser and curiouser.


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