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Lisa Marie Seelye
08 Aug 2003 15:19:05 -0400

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On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 15:06, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Thoughts on the Gentoo memcached roadmap[1]:
> * The APIs shouldn't RDEPEND on memcached.  In LiveJournal's case, our
>   memcached machines are on totally separate hosts from our web nodes.

I had debated this with myself before I put the ebuilds in.  I came to
the conclusion that memcached is not a large package, and it compiles
very quickly.

It isn't too much of a big deal; I'll remove the depends.

> * I'd like the init/conf scripts included in memcached.  It's not so much
>   that I'm lazy, but I'm not sure the correct way to do it.  I'd just
>   write it in Perl, but probably wouldn't fly with most people.

The init scripts are in the image of Bash, so we can't use Perl.

>   However it is, we need to support multiple processes in the conf file.
>   For instance, we have a 12 GB machine where we run 5x2 GB processes,
>   leaving 2 GB on the machine for other stuff.  Because it's a 32 bit
>   machine, we can't just run 1 10 GB process.

This seems like a candidate for program enhancement:

memcached -d --servers 5 --mem 2048  =3D 5 servers at 2048MB each.

Mainly because I don't particularly relish the job of modifying the init
script. ;-)  I'll see what I can do...

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