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Lisa Marie Seelye
08 Aug 2003 15:57:03 -0400

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On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 15:42, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> The problem is, when you have a huge memcached farm, and you want to
> upgrade to a new version of memcached, you don't want to stop/start
> everything at once... you want to do one process at a time.  Having them
> all parent/child off each other makes it really hard.
> Plus, our goal is to write in C as little as possible.  No config
> parsing, etc.  My goal was always to write a Perl wrapper to control them=
> Couldn't we just make memcached depend on Perl?  Then the init scripts
> could just do stop-start-daemons on the wrapper?

That sounds like the best way to go -- a Perl wrapper to launch and
terminate multiple instances of the memcache daemon. (Even with each
instance having separate configurations... handy!)

A Perl wrapper would still be called with start-stop-daemon, but would
allow for a lot more control and flexibility.

I'll respond to your other email here, too, so as to not keep two
threads going.

To the best of my knowledge the epoll kernel patch is not included with
any Gentoo kernels (Not gentoo-sources, for certain).  I've submitted a
request to one of our Kernel guys (Bug #25671 @ but I
don't know when this will be handled.

So libevent is built as it would normally be when /dev/epoll was not
present.  I'd assume that since epoll isn't included with the kernel
that glibc isn't made "aware" of it (headers).  After things settle down
from LWE I'll ask around a bit.

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