memcached in freebsd

Brion Vibber
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 00:17:24 -0700

*Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:*

>BTW, those files are at:
>Anybody have access to both Linux and FreeBSD and knows autoconf?

Well, I happen to have both Linux and FreeBSD boxen that I'm testing on, 
but I'm no autoconf guru.

On my FreeBSD 5.1 box I managed to install the above-linked port of 
memcached 1.1.6. It compiles, installs, and runs, and seems to be 
willing to _store_ items, but when I try to _retrieve_ something it fails:

  _load_items(): Failed to recieve valid header!

I haven't gotten 1.1.8 to compile on FreeBSD yet. 1.1.8 running on my 
Linux box (Red Hat 8.0) both stores and retrieves, which is good. :) I'm 
using the 1.0.6 PHP client on the FreeBSD box, with PHP 4.3.2.

Is there any way to get memcached to print out some info on what it's 
doing? I thought I'd put it into verbose mode ("memcached -v -p 11000") 
but it's eerily silent, printing neither error nor success messages.

-- brion vibber (brion @