possible bug in PHP API 1.0.8

Lisa Marie Seelye lisa@gentoo.org
Tue, 12 Aug 2003 16:53:23 -0400

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On Tue, 2003-08-12 at 16:32, Justin Matlock wrote:
> Sorry for the extra-long email -- I just wanted to explain my thinking he=
> and go into excessive detail so someone can prove me wrong. :)
> I'm using the latest CVS snapshot of memcached, and the 1.0.8 PHP API, an=
> the latest PHP 4.3.3 CVS tree, under Linux 2.4.21, Apache 2.0.47.  It was
> all working great on my devel box, but when I moved it over to production=
, I
> started getting a ton of "_load_items(): Bytes read is greater than
> requested data size." errors.  But the thing is:  the development box and
> production box are using the exact same memcached server.  They run the s=
> OS, the same PHP version, the same *everything*.  They're even the same
> hardware (one serial number apart).  The *only* difference is the product=
> box is on the same subnet as the memcached server -- the development one =
> on a different one.  Of course, I start doing a lot more testing on the
> development box, and I notice I was getting them over there too, just not=
> many.

I got this error in the 1.0.7 version of the PHP API as well.

Memcached is listening on, using mod_php 4.3.2 and
Apache 2.0.47.

I was unable to pinpoint the problem.

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