Read vs. write performance (sloppiness in memcache)

Anatoly Vorobey
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 10:12:49 +0000

On Sun, Aug 10, 2003 at 08:56:17PM -0700, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Yeah, this patch makes a world of difference.  Instead of 20 seconds, it
> now takes less than 1.
> However, it's even more packet-happy than before.
> Dude, we have a more-than-plentiful per-connect buffer on the server side
> (DATA_BUFFER_SIZE = 2k, by default).  Let's use as much of it as we can
> before writing.

Yes, you're right. That seems like a good idea, and it'll likely reduce
the number of packets for large requests at no extra cost.

Let me try to whip up a patch here...