Brion Vibber
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 01:00:56 -0700

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

>Changes from 1.1.8:
>* TCP_NODELAY for better performance (avva)
Yay! Runs great with my braindead fetch-500-tiny-separate-integers test.

>* support multiple levels of verbosity and make it not
>  close stderr when in daemon mode if you're using verbose (evan, brad)
It's now very verbose. :) However it daemon mode it breaks:

$ ./memcached -p 11000 -vvv -d
<3 server listening
memcached: kevent: Bad file descriptor

Hmm, actually I can't get daemon mode to work without verbosity either 
on FreeBSD; it just seems to die silently, both with the snapshot 
version and 1.1.6.

It works fine on Linux, though.

>* portability fixes to build on OS X / BSDs (evan)
Doesn't quite compile on FreeBSD 5.1:

gcc -DNDEBUG -g -O2 -I/usr/local/include -static -L/usr/local/lib -o 
memcached  memcached.o slabs.o items.o assoc.o  -levent
memcached.o: In function `main':
undefined reference to `mlockall'
*** Error code 1
If I comment out the mlockall() call, it compiles and works fine so far, 
though without the ability to lock the memory. This can probably be 
sensibly #ifdef'd out.

(Also, I have to pass --with-libevent=/usr/local to configure, but 
that's normal enough.)

-- brion vibber (brion @