Java Client API work: volunteer here

Brad Fitzpatrick
Sat, 26 Jul 2003 01:53:27 -0700 (PDT)

A Java client API is sorely needed.  I keep saying I'll work on it, but
it's been months since I last did Java, and it'd probably take me more
time to go find a JDK again and re-learn the* APIs than to
actually make the thing.

Feel free to post prototypes along the way and I can answer any questions.
I propose your API accepts the following types of arguments for the value.


For the key, both the Perl and PHP APIs accept either a string, or an
arrayref with [$hash_value, $string_key].  You might want to make a
MemCacheKey object, which can optionally be used, when people want to set
the explicit hashing value.

Of course, do whatever feels most Java-ish.  I feel it could get painful,

   {set|add|replace} * {String|MemCacheKey} * {String|int|Serializable}

That's 27 different methods, which all do essentially the same thing.
I guess you can just make those be the public interface, and wrappers
around a private one that can do anthing.

Thoughts?  (anybody?)

On Sat, 26 Jul 2003, JM Ibanez wrote:

> Hi. I'm JM Ibanez, and I'd like to volunteer to write or help write the
> client APIs for Java. I'm currently studying in college, but I'm willing
> to devote time for this. I've read the API doc sent to the list, and it
> seems straightforward enough to do.
> Is there anyone currently working on the Java APIs? I don't want to
> duplicate work already done. :)
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