we are using memcached for

Glenn Plas gplas@be.tiscali.com
Fri, 17 Oct 2003 15:39:00 +0200

Hi Brad,

My name is Glenn, I'm working at tiscali.be and ISP.  First of all, =
memcache is the solution to all my problems(atleast the ones =

At the moment, we are running memcache to offload our mysql machines in =
different applications.  Since 2 weeks that I discovered memcached I =
have implemented this into various small but demanding application.

we use it to: store mysql DB lookups from a URL rewrite script that used =
to do old/new url mapping.  This is working very very good and it has an =
incredible cache_hit rate as well.  Right now we hardly ever hit the DB =

We also use it in an inhouse application (together with fetchmail) to =
provide remote mail retrieval service, we like to call it 'GetMyMail'.  =
It's using a negative cache + normal cache.  The negative cache lists =
the people that aren't a member of the service and the other lists the =
members that popped their mail in the last 5 minutes to prevent them =
from overloading the remote retrieval sessions.  Works quite good.  And =
what is more, my sql DB was parsing a 4 million queries per day at an =
during day average of 40q/s.  Now it's only 4 to 5 per second anymore ..

Especially thanks to the expiration feature.  It drives all our stuff =
here now.  And the memory use is incredible low actually.

This is all perl btw.  I'm planning to use memcache in php as well soon. =
btw, anyone interested in a perl script + rrd database functionality to =
graph the memcached stats easily ?  Still not finished but I allready =
have some nice stats being formed here.  If there is interest for some =
people, I will release it (after cleanup ;-)

cheers again for the KISS concept and implementation.


Glenn Plas
Senior System Administrator
Tiscali.be NV