Build trouble on Solaris 9

Anatoly Vorobey mellon at
Tue Aug 31 14:06:04 PDT 2004

You wrote on Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 01:24:08PM -0700:
> I can force it to use -lmalloc and -lsocket, but there are still 
daemon and
> inet_aton that it can't find.
Try -lresolv for inet_aton.
daemon() is trickier; I think Solaris lacks it. If that is true (anyone?
I'm not 100% sure), we could have configure verify the presence of
daemon(), and if it's absent, do either of: 1) disable the -d option,
letting the user who's interested in doing so poor-man-daemonise from
command line (e.g. by using nohup and redirecting all stds to
/dev/null); 2) conditionally compile in another codepath in memcached.c
that more or less spells out daemon() functionality (we used to have
that in the source before we changed it to daemon() ); 3) conditionally
compile in an additional small source file that defines daemon() and
goes through the same steps as in 2).

Having configure put in the correct libs (add -lresolv -lmalloc -lsocket 
for Solaris, in this case) would also be a Good Thing. I don't really 
know autoconf; maybe someone who does will contribute a patch?

"There's nothing simply good, nor ill alone" -- John Donne

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