libmemcache 1.0.1

Sean Chittenden sean at
Tue Dec 7 17:12:46 PST 2004

>>> Ok, so I believe I've fixed the issue.
>> Fix incorporated into 1.0.2.
>> This release also fixes some miscellanea for FreeBSD's bento cluster,
>> but no one here should care too much.
> Excellent!

Let me know if you dig up anything, but I think this release fixes all 
known issues.  The bug you provided a patch for was known, but I hadn't 
had time to figure it out yet.

>> Ah, yeah.  Good catch.  The worst case scenario being that the 
>> response
>> was exactly the same as the number of bits coming in.  I don't think
>> there's any way around this for now.  Text protocols suck (*nudges 
>> Brad
>> to send feedback on binary protocol spec* [-: ).
> Yeah, I thought about the fact that the response might be exactly the
> same size.  The only thing that seemed possible was to check for the \r
> \nEND\r\n sequence, and then not goto get_more_bits, but checking that
> every single time when the likelihood of an exact size match is very 
> low
> seemed like a definate loss.

Nevermind it won't work in the multi-get request case.  :)

> I agree about the binary protocol, text ones are nice because its easy
> to manually test, but for real production high performance work it 
> would
> be preferable to get away from that I think.

Exactly.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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