memcached client API for Microsoft .NET Framework

Diego Caravana diego at
Tue Dec 28 15:57:42 PST 2004

Hi All,

   memcached is a great idea and I would like to know if there's any 
plans to create a client API for .Net. I'm participating to a big 
project and one of the big problems is database performance (SQLServer).

I've done a quick-port of Java client API to J#, and it has worked great 
on my test environment, but I think this is not a viable option for a 
production roll-out of memcached.

Maybe with more time a can do a full port of it, but I would like to 
hear from you all before: in fact, before using memcached, I have to 
test it and evaluate the performance gains against other options.

BTW, if someone is interested in the J# port, I'm ready to send it out.

Thank you in advance for your patience.


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