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Jeraimee Hughes jhughes at
Tue Dec 28 11:52:05 PST 2004

We have successfully placed memcached into production here at Revelex. 
We have started by using memcached as a storage system for our PHP 
sessions. As of this email we have 57,360 sessions across 3 servers 
(our expire time is 30 minutes). We host over 650 Web sites with heavy 
session use.

Since bringing memcached online we have had a total of 566,509 gets and 
566,361 sets in less then 24 hours (again across 3 servers). Having run 
less then 24 hours we'll soon find out what lies ahead but so far we 
have great results.

We have tried using MySQL, NFS-mounted flat-files and even NFS-mounted 
RAM drives to no avail. To date, only memcached has been able to keep 
up with our needs.

Future use includes caching of specific objects and/or values to be 
shared across objects and potentially utilizing memcached with some 
reporting methods.

Thanks to Brad for a great tool and Antony for a great PHP extension.

If anyone else has used memcached in this method please feel free to 
comment and provide some insight as to what we may look out for.

Jeraimee Hughes
Application Director
Revelex, Inc.

Jeraimee Hughes
Application Director
Revelex, Inc.

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