rtsig on Opteron

Sean Chittenden sean@chittenden.org
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 11:15:37 -0800

> rtsig is an absolute piece of shit interface.  Two smart people tried 
> to
> make it work with libevent and spent a lot of time working on it but 
> never
> got anywhere because it's just so horribly broken.
> I thought the libevent maintainer disabled it.  :/  You really 
> shouldn't
> be using it.
> Just use poll/select.  CPU usage will be slightly higher.

CPU time will be higher and latency with the syscall will be higher 
depending on the number of fd's that you're select()'ing.  Unless 
you've got something that only works on Linux, give FreeBSD 5.X a try.  
It's amd64 port is proving to be very stable for me... plus, libevent 
will use kqueue() which, last I checked, was still faster than epoll(), 
especially on larger numbers of fd's.  My $0.02.  -sc

Sean Chittenden